Serious Motorcycle Accident Story

A recent time ago the brother of the founder of was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. A car driver involved in the vehicle collision was found to be heavily over the drink drive alcohol limit, had no road risk insurance and to top it all, drove away from the scene of the accident leaving the motorcyclist lying on the road unconscious. A short video HERE was made to show a little bit of the story, showing the condition of the motorcycle. Oh, by the way the driver who drove off was traced by police within minutes and served time in prison.



Another new addition is a slideshow of the new BMW X6 SAV. The video can be found HERE. The vehiecle Fitted with what BMW calls its intelligent X-Drive. The vehicle seems to be getting mixed reactions.

Audi R8 Cutaway Bodywork Video

A recent addition to the videos is a slideshow about the Audi R8. The video is showing you the Audi R8 with parts of the bodywork removed, revealing the superb engineering that is below the surface. The mid-mounted, high revving V8 4.2 FSI engine delivers 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds and a top speed of 187mph. The video can be found HERE

Audi R8 V12

Browsing Using Images

We have a new way to browse the videos contained on the site. Now you can take a look at a page full of snapshot still from a large number iof videos. Take a look HERE and see what you think. It makes video browsing that much easier.

Video – Highest Number of Views

To date, the video on the site with the highest number of unique user views is; Excavating a huge ants nest which has so far attracted over 7,000 unique views over a period of about a week.

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