Amazing to see – Beating Heart in a Case !

Beating Heart in a Glass Case !

Amazing to see. By Billy Chasen ( Displayed at the AHA’s 2008 Heart of New York Gala, which took place at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City

Video Here


NEWS: Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love

Simon Cowell has decided to splash out on a $5 million Los Angeles home for Leona Lewis.

The music mogul has told his protégé that she will need a permanent base in the States if she wants to capitalise on her recent international success.

“Simon thinks she is absolutely amazing so he wanted to treat her,” a source told The People. “He’s so pleased with how hard she works and what a massive success she’s become. Even though Simon is very rich, he’s careful with money and doesn’t like to waste it.”

Bleeding Love Video Here

James Blunt – 1973


The video for James Blunt’s new single ‘1973’ – taken from his new album ‘All The Lost Souls’ – Came out in the UK on 17th September 2007

Video Here

Save Your Kisses For Me

Save Your Kisses for Me was the winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest 1976, performed for the United Kingdom by Brotherhood of Man in The Hague, Netherlands. The lyrics and music were written by Tony Hiller, Lee Sheriden, and Martin Lee, the latter two being members of the band. This was the third consecutive occasion on which a group had won the contest.

Superb Keyboard Version Here

Near Tractor Accident – Must see this !

That was close. Guy nearly has an accident with a farm tractor, then he gets a handful.

Video Here

Great Optical Illusion

 optical illusion ames

Optical illusion. This is not CGI, it’s a classical optical illusion called the Ames room. I want the plans for one of those rooms so I can make my house seem bigger.

Video Here

Skydiver Accident


Skydiver almost gets hit by an aeroplane. Justifiable NSFW language. It’s hard to tell where the incident in the video here occurred. Looks like it might be the UK the skydiver swears in English so its probably the UK Canada or the US.

Video Here